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Giovanni Molinaro was born on a 21st of December, he is from Belgian-Italian nationality. He has been interested in all kind of music since he was a kid, and had always that creativity spirit. There is an emotion in all music styles, mankind just needs music. It is a fact. At 14, he starts with his first remix on a Pentium 3 and shares it all with his friends. And then his friends and family are the firsts to hear the pieces he produces till one of his friends encourages him to send his demos to several freelance labels. It is a way to share his creativity and emotions, what he feels about the world in general. It is in 2011 that he gets his first positive reaction and that he gets to sign with 3 labels during the following months. The production eases people’s minds and soothes. It gives the same kind of exteriorization as the painter experiences with his paintings.