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LetKolben began DJing as a professional in 2010, and is in present times regarded as one of the interesting minimal DJs and producer in West and East Europe. He is well-known for his work in the minimal, techno and house genres. At the helm of LetKolben’s career stands a three different brands, it is: ACHT, Kommunikation Records, Kollektor and many others club projects.

For a long time LetKolben was just a music lover, who constantly thirsty for new interesting sounds. His musical taste was shaped primarily by an experimental electronic music. Being influenced by sounds of IDM, Ambient and Trip Hop Kolben has become immersed in the emerging minimal scenes, which in 2007 was gaining momentum in whole Europe clubs. He bonded over love for minimal music and found his way to go as a DJ thus marking the origin of LetKolben. In that time when he began to play music at the local parties music was only for his own enjoyment. But his first complete results were already achieved two years later (2010).

Alongside his many releases, Kolben has been touring as well. He become a respected DJ and producer, his popularity kicked off in 2012, the same year when Kolben has got on the cover of an American music magazine “128AndUp” and first time has landing on Ibiza, with his first party at the capital of nightlife.

Gathered all of his forces and all his experience of minimal and house, in 2012-2013 Kolben produces some tracks with seminal music for his own new label Kommunikation Records. After two years in 2014 many of which were collected on his debut album “La Grande”. Also those years were imprinted in his history by few big remixes of such names as: Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dj T. Remixes have got a good support from many djs.

As the owner of Kommunikation Records, LetKolben was responsible for some of the most varied and ground breaking releases of recent years. It was a platform conceived to keep up the house and techno tradition to which all those involved stayed faithful over the years and also intended to breathe fresh life into it. But after release of his second album “Music the Color of Ultramarine” Kolben didn’t feel anymore that Kommunikation Records is good enough and reflecting a real picture of his musical mind.

Very quickly, LetKolben became the driving force behind of his new German label “ACHT”, attracting many of talent musicians from around the world. It was clear from the beginning that his new label intended to make a difference, and that here all the connections Kolben had made with like-minded souls should come into great fruition. His third album “Per aspera ad astra” together with following releases of his befriended artists are become as a foundation of label sound and confirmed the strong reputation of the imprint. Within a short time it became obvious that label ACHT had achieved something rare: it had created a sound and an identity that began to seep through the scene.

LetKolben is trusting the same instincts that were formed in the very first years of his career but striving for a unique identity of his production has driven an obsession to do many edits of musical forms, tweaking melodies and sounds until they fit just right. Kolben always staying open to new ideas, following the urge to explore something other. But an equally important factor that his wide-ranging taste, and ability to surprise, makes it impossible to know for certain which direction his music will takes.

LetKolben loves working in the studio, but his passion for DJing and performing is obvious to anyone who has seen him play on a stage. He likes to take the audience on a journey. At the heart of his journey is a fundamental honesty. Relying almost exclusively on his innate skills and talent on the decks Kolben is not believe in following trends of music, he believes in musical feelings of passion and love which you can get on the dance floor. His lack of musical prejudice, open-minded approach and a great flair, his broad-reaching tastes and ability to adapt to any given situation, underpinned by a knowledge of underground house, minimal and techno, are just some of the reasons why he is invariably moving up.

You never know exactly what you’re going to hear with LetKolben. His rare knack for connecting seemingly disparate styles into cohesive sets is continually impress. On the other hand he keeps right balance between educating and entertaining the crowd. He spends his time unearthing to straight-up house and techno sets, elements of glorious surprise is crucial to his sets. His style is vigour, deepness and emotion go hand in hand in a musical way.

Over the last few of years LetKolben has made plenty of waves and found lots of new friends and like-minded souls from all over the globe. With his incredibly mature and inventive music he’s managed to create his own signature, minimal and deep sound injecting his tracks with an amount of roughness, energy and ambient soul which has become uncommon in times of digital production.

From Europian festival main stages to club floors in, LetKolben has shared his mixer with: Matador, Anja Schneider, Derrick May, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Max Cooper, Acid Pauli, Sebo K, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Martin Eyerer, Dosem, DJ W!ld, Marcin Czubala and many others. His commitment to both honesty and energy encapsulates what can make dance culture life-changing and thrilling for all clubbers on the dancefloor which are reacting instantaneously and truthfully to the music.